Makrolon Cleaning Instructions

Follow these standard industry practices on your Makrolon polycarbonate sheet to clean, polish, remove graffiti or masking adhesive and glazing compound.

The following techniques for cleaning Makrolon polycarbonate sheet are based on standard industry practice. To ensure acceptability of the results, always test a sample of the material with the cleaner and technique to be used.


Do rinse the sheet with warm water prior to cleaning process.
Don't use abrasives or high alkaline cleaners.
Don't leave cleaners on sheet for long periods, wash immediately.
Don't apply cleaners in direct sunlight or at elevated temperatures.
Don't use scrapers, squeegees or razors.
Don't clean with gasoline.
Do follow the application with a lukewarm water rinse.

Compatible Cleaners and Detergents:

Formula 4091, Joy2, Windex with Ammonia D3, Palmolive4, Naphtha VM&P Grade, Isopropyl Alcohol.

To Minimize Fine or Hairline Scratches:

Plastic Polishes applied and removed per manufacturer instructions.

Suggested Polishes:

Mirror Glaze Clear Plastic Polish, Cleaner & Detailer (by Meguiars 800-347-5700 or

Novus Plastics Polish #1, #2 (by Novus Inc. 800-NOVUS60 or Plexus Plastic Cleaner and Polish (by BTI Chemical Co.

To Remove Masking Adhesive and Glazing Compound:

Apply Naphtha VM&P grade, Kerosene or Isopropyl Alcohol with clean soft cloth. Wash immediately with soap and lukewarm water and rinse with thoroughly with clean water.

To Remove Graffiti:

Naphtha VM&P grade, Isopropyl Alcohol or Butyl Cellosolve removes paint, marker ink. (Do not use in direct sunlight).

Isopropyl Alcohol, Naphtha VM&P grade or Kerosene will help lift stickers and other adhesive backed labels. Wash immediately with soap and lukewarm water and rinse with thoroughly with clean water.

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